Backup & Disaster Recovery
HSI business reliable backup solution

Dependable and reliable, minimization of downtime

Disaster can strike at anytime and losing data is more than just an inconvenience.
First and foremost, have you taken the correct steps to avoid a disaster? Most businesses don’t have a reliable backup solution. That means they aren’t protecting their most valuable asset – their data.

At HSI, we can help you setup a Comprehensive Data Backup Plan.
This includes:
  • Custom-designed backup solution specifically for your business
  • Quick access to minimize downtime
  • Frequent monitoring by HSI to ensure your system is operating with peak performance

The most sought out solution today is Online Backup. HSI partners with Carbonite Cloud Backup because it’s:
  • Simple/Fast
  • Easily Accessible
  • Dependable & Reliable
  • Encrypted

Cloud backup is a critical part of our ‘Total Approach.’

Contact HSI to learn more about Data Protection and Carbonite Cloud backup.