Carbonite Partner Spotlight: Huntington Services, Inc.


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Massapequa, New York
Huntington Services provides the IT management needs of small businesses and water resource authorities for nearby municipalities.
Carbonite Partner Since:
June 2012
Key Benefits:
Excellent channel account managers, great customer service, easy-to-use management dashboard

Huntington Services, Inc. (HSI) is a highly versatile IT services provider that works closely with small businesses and water resource authorities located in New York.

The company’s goal is to be more than just a vendor or partner. Instead, HSI strives to be a “strategic ally” to its clients. Services they provide include network design and installation, PC troubleshooting and repair, emergency support, phone support, remote support, system analysis, custom programming and much more.

HSI developed an accounting system called Accounting Xpress and a customizable billing and accounting system for water resource authorities called Vox Xpress. Among other things, Vox Xpress helps municipalities automate meter reading, generate and track work orders, and process year-end tax rolls. HSI also designs, develops and supports custom software applications to meet the unique needs of individual businesses.

HSI is also a Carbonite Partner and recommends Carbonite’s business continuity solutions to all of its customers.

“We always recommend Carbonite to our customers,” said Angel LaRocca, Operations Manager at Huntington Services. “It doesn’t matter what type of company they are. If they’re asking for an offsite backup we recommend Carbonite.”

HSI has used Carbonite to help customers recover accidentally deleted files “plenty of times,” according to LaRocca. The company was recommending Carbonite to its customers long before it became a Carbonite Partner in 2012.

“The Network Engineers like using Carbonite and they have no problem recovering files for customers,” LaRocca said. “If they did, I wouldn’t be using the product.”

Some of HSI’s favorite things about partnering with Carbonite:

Helpful and responsive Channel Account Managers
Every Carbonite Partner gets a dedicated and highly trained Channel Account Manager. Their job is to provide support to Carbonite Partners and answer any questions they may have. LaRocca’s experience with her Channel Account Manager has been excellent.

“[My Channel Account Manager] has always been conscientious about answering questions quickly,” LaRocca said. “I never have to wait very long for a response which helps us be responsive to our customers’ needs.”

Great customer service
LaRocca and her team have extensive knowledge of how Carbonite products work and they rarely have to call into the Carbonite Customer Care team on behalf of clients. But on the few occasions when they have called in for support, the customer care team has been very helpful and quick to respond to questions.

Easy to use management dashboard
Each day, LaRocca logs into her Carbonite Partner account in the Carbonite Partner Portal. That’s where she is able to access an easy-to-use management dashboard that shows her the status of her customers’ Carbonite accounts. For example, she can see if it’s time for a customer to renew a subscription and the status of their most recent backups.

The Partner Portal also provides the latest information about the Carbonite Partner program as well as free marketing materials and educational resources that partners can share with customers.

“I go in every single day and look at the dashboard,” she said. “The dashboard gives me all the information I need.”

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